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Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme is an optional one year programme provided within the school between the Junior Cycle and the Leaving Certificate. Following from the more structured and prescriptive learning experience of the Junior Cycle, the Transition Year is an opportunity to take stock, to explore new and different ways of learning, to expand the learning environment beyond the school walls into the wider community and the world of work, and to lay a secure foundation for more mature decision making with regard to the Leaving Certificate and all that follows in the future.

Being one of the first schools to be sanctioned by the Department of Education to present the Transition Year Programme, Coláiste Lorcáin has considerable experience in developing the programme over a period of time.

It is remarkable that almost all of our 3rd Year students choose to take the Transition Year Programme and, as such, this is a compliment to the continuing success of the programme under the stewardship of Ms. Mc Farland.


  • To create an atmosphere separate from academic pressure where the student can grow and mature.
  • To broaden the student’s awareness of and concern for others and to develop in them a sense of their own unique contribution of life.
  • To help develop special skills so that the student may better prepare for the vocational, cultural, recreational and practical demands of life.
  • To prepare the student for the Leaving Certificate course.

Programme Content

Subjects taken by students as part of their Transition Year Programme:

All students study Religion, Computers, English, Irish, Mathematics and French / German. Students, also, have classes in Careers and Personal Development.
As part of the broader curriculum of the Transition Year Programme, all students are given short courses (modules) in a selection of following subject areas:

Art; History; Geography; Safe Driving; Physical Education and Outdoor Education - Swimming; Tennis; Taekwando; First Aid; Science - Biology; Agricultural Science; Physics and Chemistry; Engineering; Design and Communications Graphics; Construction Studies; Home Economics; Music and Mini Company.

Work Experience

Work Experience with the Transition Year affords the student the opportunity of participating in learning about the work place in a controlled environment. Work experience takes place every Wednesday throughout the school year. The school holidays must be observed by all work placements. Students find placements in areas guided by their own interests. They are closely monitored by voluntary contributors to the scheme and complete a report / reflective diary of their experiences.

Tours and Outings

Students are encouraged to participate in tours and educational outings during the year. These outings, whether field trips, industrial tours or cultural outings, both within Ireland and overseas, are seen as an integral part of the TYP and are considered in the over-all assessment at the end of the year.

Assessment and Certification

All areas of the Transition Year Programme are assessed and a profile of each student is prepared under the areas of personal contribution, effort and performance during the year.

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