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Covid 19 Plan and the Return to school

21-Meán Fómhair-20

As we are now in our 17th day of teaching (and learning) since school re-opened for all students, it is timely to reflect on how well things have gone. Students have cooperated very well with all that we have asked of them. It is worth reminding them daily (at home) to have suitable masks with them in school for use at all times. We can't be complacent about the virus and the risk minimisation measures taken so far, but things are running fairly smoothly. Long may that continue!

D.Fómh 26
October Mid Term Break
Samh 02
3rd and 6th Year November Assessments
Samh 12
6th Year Parent Teacher Meeting
Samh 16
6th Year Information Evening re: Leaving Cert. 2021 & Guidance Presentation
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